Greetings from South L.A.



Dedicated to the youth of South Central LA.



As part of Greetings from South LA Field Trips, the youth of our community will explore the city, the culture, history from all over the world through the arts.

The virtual "handbook" component is a resource aimed for teachers, arts educators and parents interested in furthering their exploration in the arts with students they serve in the community of South LA.

Explore the site and you can find resources that educators, students and their parents can use to engage with the arts at home or out being explorers of the world.



Flipping the Conversation

In the state of California, there are an average of 10,716 arts and cultural organizations. The Los Angeles Metro area alone is home to over 3,749 of those organizations. We in California, obviously love the arts, as the arts in all its forms, remain a prominent fiscal and social capital for us. Within Los Angeles, there is an average of 2.5 arts and cultural organizations per every 10,000 residents. The numbers seem pretty impressive in the grand scheme of things, however, with a growing population of over 10.17 million, this doesn’t seem like enough. While the state of CA and specifically the Los Angeles being such a cultural hub and trendsetter, it is needless to say that the arts are important to us.

We love our films, our fashion, our galleries and museums which seem to be found virtually anywhere in the County. However, within the arts sphere, it seems as is Los Angeles has perhaps placed arts and arts educational programs and cultural centers disparagingly throughout certain parts of the city. In other words, the numbers dwindle in certain areas such as the case for South L.A. Almost, mirroring the arts and cultural centers, arts education opportunities seem to be strategically placed within the parameters of certain neighborhoods and communities.  

Now, instead of spitting out important data on why or how the arts matter and how they benefit our children and even ourselves, I would like to flip the conversation over.

Because the arts are not a privilege, they are not a luxury, the arts are our right and our children deserve exposure to it.



why south la?


it is home, for myself and it’s 768,456+ residents who live, work, shop, play, inspire and create in south central.

The city of Los angeles has dozens of arts based educational organizations. Which is amazing, however there is a deeply inequitable disparities for students of color, particularly to low-income students, and English language learners.