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if i could tell you how many times a proud family member has told me about how their child loves to draw and they don’t know where they got that from. i always want to say, well, they got it from you. whether it is cooking, construction work, when you dress in the morning, when you apply make up, if you enjoy sewing, writing or gardening. we all create in our own way.

art can be a little frightening when it appears to be unfamiliar, however there are many activities that you can engage with any member of your family. the activities can be especially informative and beneficial for young children. the best part? you can use what you have at home!

Here are some suggestions to get you and your family going.


Use the resources you have

If you have little ones:

  • Basic 99 cent store items are actually super helpful!

    • Crayons

    • Tempera Paint (also washable)

    • Brushes

    • Construction Paper

  • Recycle household items

    • Toilet paper rolls

    • Foil

    • Paper plates

    • Straws etc.

    • Popsicle sticks

    • Q- Tips

  • Youtube Videos

    • "How to draw" Videos are super fun and engaging for kids

    • Dance Videos

  • Art History Kids Is a great resource for busy parents and families, if the $19 a/mo is right for you. Each month you get to explore a different famous artist with your kids, introduce them to important art history ideas, and invite them to create some amazing open ended art of their own... and all of the research is done for you!

  • Personally, I think books by Keri Smith are really cool! Used copies are relatively cheap and range between $5 - $13.

  • The world around you!

    • Your block- With the little ones! Explore Shapes, Colors and Forms around your block i.e Houses, Apartments, Telephone Poles, Trees + more!

    • Your local grocery store

    • The laundromat

get Inspired by what is around you.


Where you can buy art supplies

Blick's Art Supply


Michaels Arts and Crafts

Artist and Craftsman Supply

Raw Materials Art


99 Cent Stores


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!